The Iron Harvest and Bronze Noses – Humanity’s Impact on the Landscape

As the climate changes dramatically and we experience more volatile weather seemingly every year, a lot of things are going to start seeming normal. Warm winters, cool summers, and brutal storms are going to be a commonplace happening across the world. Climate refugees are going to become a real thing, and wars will be foughtContinue reading “The Iron Harvest and Bronze Noses – Humanity’s Impact on the Landscape”

Town, Gown, Down: Oxford Fights Oxford

Town-and-gown relations is a term I didn’t even know about until I was already well under way in college. The importance of a college or higher university being a good neighbor to the city or town hosting it had simply never dawned on me. I guess that I figured that each group sort of existedContinue reading “Town, Gown, Down: Oxford Fights Oxford”